There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise: The ants are a people not strong,

yet they prepare their meat in the summer; (Pro 30:25; Pro 30:24 u)




Little but wise

Little is used in a diminutive form to describe the smallness of the ant in an affectionate way, like little children who are so loveable. Why these small loveable ants are considered wise? The scripture answers in Pro 30:25 that it is because “they prepare their meat in the summer.”

In biblical Israel only two seasons, summer and winter existed. In summer, the ants are busy with the task of collecting and eating large amounts of food. The reason being in winter their body temperature drops with the cold season and they go into hibernation in a warm places without food. Their summer initiative helps them to survive through the cruel and merciless winters. Below are the lives’ lessons that we can learn from the ants.

Lessons for our lives

1.1 The wise grows in wisdom and physical stature.

1.2 The wise always prepare for contingencies.

1.3 The wise flows with nature and not against it.

1.4 The wise who are prepared have a better chance to survive adverse situations.



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